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    in my opinion yes. I actually like the factory icons and such, so learning how they changed just annoys me. Add to that the fact that Ive had 2 themes get "stuck" while playing with them. For me they're more trouble than their worth. Especially when you can do so many great things like the glass launcher with patches.
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    IDK how a theme can affect the speed of the device, I mean unless they are changing images and going way outside of the original size. Many themes look bad right now because of the changes in 1.3.5. For example my ZomPre theme has a custom dial pad, the numbers used to be a image that I edited to have the new font and color.

    With 1.3.5 i believe, they changed this and the dial pad font and color must be changed in a .CSS file. This is something that Prethemer is not allowing. I am in the process of making a patch for that part of the theme. But I still don't see how it effects the speed, just what the thing looks like...

    I could be wrong, any forum leaders with a Canadian or Australian accent want to address this?
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    I had problems installing the glass effect patch and so just installed the glass effect suite theme instead. No problems and I'm very pleased with the result. Though, this does nothing to the icons, just the backgrounds.
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    Most of the themes are absolute garbage anyways, half finished with no coherent vision.
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    I have only had a few minor problems with themes.... but they are sooooo worth it.... everytime i put on a new theme it feels like i got a new phone....

    customization is the best reason to own a pre....
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    I disagree, I think some of the themes are incredibly made with great polish.

    I love my themed pre, but I'm going to un install to see if I notice a difference in speed. But even if I do, I may decide that it's worth it.
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    I have used the Simple Black with Texture theme for ages with no problems. It's a very simple theme; no icons are changed, just colors. I wanted a theme where I could continue to use my wallpapers (pics of my kids), but get rid of unappealing colors (e.g., the green background in the phone program). I use the glass effect patch to further enhance the dark grey/black motif of my phone.
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    I haven't done a full theme. I did the glass effect suite and the blue dialer. I don't really want customized icons, tho I'd like to make the phone icon a blue or pink instead of the green. I haven't noticed any slow downs, tho I did also do the govnah overclocking about the same time.
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