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    Sorry to start another thread so soon but I believe I have a unique problem. I rec'd my ATT Pre in the mail on Thursday and all of my Gmail and Facebook syncs were done quite seamlessly. However I ended up exchanging it at the company store due to the dreaded 'discoloration blotches' showing up at the bottom of the screen.

    Now I'm still new to this Synergy concept but on my 'defective' first Pre I noticed that all of the avatars of people I was texting were the same as their FB avatars. Very cool I thought. But now I can't seem to get this back on my new replacement Pre.. even after doing Facebook sync again. I believe the problem has everything to do with my previous device.. After logging into my Palm Profile online, it listed me as having two Pre's, the new one listed as 'Primary'. It seems that Synergy is getting mixed up somehow with information from the Pre that I returned.. Does anybody have any fixes for this??

    Also, whats the difference between the Facebook app that you download and the one that exists as a bookmark whenever I fire up the web browser? Could this be a conflict?

    Thanks for any help guys! Still very new to this!
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    figured it out. i just re-synced my FB acc't. now to try and figure out a way to clean out all those facebook 'friends' from my Contacts list who i don't talk to.

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