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    you all must not have the pocket party app if that's all you do with your pre at nite. Lol
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    I turned mine all the way off the other night and the battery was dead in the morning..
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    what's the best mode for overnight if you do not wish to receive phone calls? yea yea i know emergencies and all that but i do have a landline also which of course stays connected 24/7. does airplane mode silence incoming calls overnight? or do they just go straight to voicemail?

    it's funny, i used to just power off my phone at the end of the day (upon going to bed), but the Pre does not seem to offer this simple option. Well it does I guess.. but for 'battery changing purposes'. Wouldn't most people know to turn off their phones anyway before changing the battery? It's a minor complaint, but I wish the Pre just had a simple Off/On option. The fact that this thread has already seen several pages of responses is my case in point.
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    I charge it up to 100% then put it in airplane mode while asleep. Some mornings I wake up and it is still at 100%.
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