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    Get this app and ditch google maps . . . this developer is going to 'put his name on the map' with this one! (pun intended)

    Google has obviously chose to support Android and not so much WebOS, so it doesn't surprise me that someone beats them to market with something that is standard on our PRE's.
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    I agree. I've been using bfgmaps everyday and it's great. Get this app ASAP!

    GPS wrestler helped my gps problem too. It's been dead on since I've used it. The app attempts to wake up an unresponsive GPS by basically sending large amounts of requests to the GPS chip.

    I hope this helps.
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    Quote Originally Posted by voltageROCK View Post
    I have a potential solution for this as I have the same exact problem when trying to open G Maps. I accidentally hit the spacebar on the keyboard and all of a sudden G Maps opened up!! Try it and let me know if it works.

    BTW, the signing out and back in on GMail trick works as well, but I'd rather simply tap the space bar instead! Could be a fluke, but give it a shot.
    Actually, this doesn't work, but I did find a solution that isn't as much of a pain as signing in and out of your gmail account. If you have the patch that allows you to turn off your phones internet connection, turn it off and then back on. I did this yesterday and then noticed the EV symbol turned white and gmaps reloaded and worked fine.

    BTW, I also have the BFGMaps App as well, and I think it is really cool, especially how you can see your location in an actual street view.
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    The google maps app on our phone is a flaming pile of dung. It's not even native, but rather some piece of downloading web frankencode. Look into using the BFGMaps beta instead, or even YPMobile.
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