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    I know its on a free site, but I don't want to pay. Anyway, if you want me to test your app, comment on this post. Please note, I'm no professional, but a rather bored high-school student. Please enjoy!

    Straight Up Simple Reviews - App Reviews

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    Usually, reviewers pick the app and just review it. I can't think of a developer that actively seeks a review site. Also, Precentral has a deal that if you post a review of an app and it's worthy of being posted on the front page, they'll give you free swag from the store ($10 off). Easier than managing your own site and more readers!

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    How about reviewing "I Love Homebrew"?
    Nice app for free, gives handy links on how to install homebrew apps and patches
    Also if you download and it wins Palms hotapps contest, the homebrew devs share the prize

    Go for it, thanks!
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    I am working on an app and would like a review once I get it up on the store.
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    Quote Originally Posted by tsaunders View Post
    I am working on an app and would like a review once I get it up on the store.
    sure. is it a paid app?
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    Quote Originally Posted by louis6279 View Post
    sure. is it a paid app?
    My first app will be free, just trying to figure out how to code apps.
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