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    I was due for an upgrade and went into the store and bought my Pre for $249.99 and got a form for the $100 rebate. The same day on the ATT website I saw it for $149.99 and assume I can use the same rebate form making the phone $49.99 (and includes the free touchstone). I called the store and they stated they can't match that price but can give me a refund on the phone and put the upgrade back on my account.

    Can anyone verify this? What is the cheapest price anyone has gotten this phone as an upgrade? Advice on what to do?

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    This was my experience from Sunday through yesterday (05/20/2010):

    On the display the price was $250 with a $100 dollar rebate. I asked my rep if they could do an instant rebate and that $250 was to steep, especially since I could go to big red and get it for $50.00 bucks (I even asked if they would price match). He checked with the manager and said they could do an instant rebate. They did know about the free touchstone, but "didn't have any instock". I asked if they would let me swap for in-stock accessories, and they would. But I opted to have it direct full filled; which I received Wednesday.

    So then today I noticed that wirefly had a free pre and amazon is selling them for fifty bucks. So I picked up the phone to see if they will do a price match, which they don't. But as a good will gesture they credited my account $110bucks! So all in all I got a pre and touchstone for $50 buck..including tax.
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    Great info. I wouldn't mind paying $50 just to avoid the hassle of returning it and rebuying it on wirefly but the store manager refused to credit my account. Did you call the store to get the $110 credit or did you call the 800#?
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    let me ask a quick question.
    if i buy pre plus from wirefly, and then i cancel my contract in 30 days, how much the phone will cost to me? only early termination fee?
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    no, wirefly has it's own etf on top of the from at&t.
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    how much does it cost?
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    i just checked the webpage and it says that :
    If you signed a contract for a new account with a wireless service provider and do not wish to keep the service, it is your responsibility to contact the carrier to cancel your account--Wirefly cannot do that for you. You should contact the carrier directly regarding any activation fees, monthly usage costs, taxes, and/or early termination fees that may be owed.

    it looks like , i have to pay ETF only to AT&T ??
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    Wirefly terms and conditions including our equipment discount policy

    look at the section about instant discount. You must keep service for 6 months or pay an etf of 200-300.
    iPhone 4s 64gb for personal, at&t Prē 3 for business. Best of both worlds.

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