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    5 days since the launch of the Pre on AT&T, and there are only 27 reviews? What's up with that? Cmon let's turn this around! Those of you who picked up an AT&T Pre Plus, go here and write a review!

    PalmĀ® Pre (TM) Plus Cell Phone - Wireless from AT&T

    It is nice to see that 26 out of 27 recommend this phone!

    In comparison....

    Pre Plus - 4.8 Star rating
    Backflip - 4.1 Stars

    Pre Plus - 96% would recommend it
    Backflip - 80% would recommend it
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    26 out of 27 recommend the phone to a friend... that's amazing!
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    I did one on the verizon website. I was number 730 something. The moto devour only had 170 someting. If I had
    a pre on att I would help too.
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    and there is only ONE review on!!! Lets get movin!
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    Ok I just posted my review.
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    Ok I left a review.
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