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    Hi all

    I have looked on the forum for other postings on this and have not found them if they exist. I have had a Pre Plus for about six weeks (Verizon) and overall love it and am glad I got it. Hoping some things like GPS get improved (which I know is most likely Verizon not Palm) but this bug is the first thing that has the potential to seriously hamper my experience with the phone:
    This week I took a work trip and before leaving added several (5-12) docs and pdfs to my Pre so I could access them on the fly during the trip when it was not possible or practical to use my laptop. This included some pdfs of directions and maps since the GPS is not up to snuff on the Verizon phone. Others were longer documents I needed to refer to when out in the field (ag related work visiting farms).

    Here's the problem, which applies equally to both doc and pdf view:
    -menu freezing: more than half the time the menu would freeze. In other words, not let me scroll. I could open documents on the screen but not scroll to see others further down.
    -doc and pdf file freezing: the file would often work fine for a few minutes, i.e. I could zoom, move across the page with the touch screen, change pages, etc. with no problem. But then after a few minutes they would often freeze, allowing me to see only what was currently on the screen. Shutting down the app and reopening only worked sometimes. I often had to do that many (5-7) times to get it to work again. Maybe rebooting would have worked but the Pre takes way way too long to boot up for that to be at all practical in the context I was using it in.

    Do these apps break down when too many docs or pdfs are loaded? I wouldn't consider a dozen too many so I am hoping the answer to that is no.

    I really hope Palm figures this out and can fix it. (I hope they allow for more zooming while they're at it.) In the meantime, are there alternative apps to use for docs and pdfs? I would pay a reasonable price for it if it exists. I have only found ebook readers so far.

    Thanks to anyone who can help.
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    Well, first some more info about your pre would be great, is it stock? Meaning do you have patches, and Kernals installed and running.I do believe there are a few patches for the pdf viewer , can't remember what they are for though.As for the GPS there is a patch that has helped some, worth a try.One other thing I would recommend would be to to do a daily reboot of the Pre, just to give it a level field to work with.If you haven't yet overclocked your Pre, I would recommend doing some research into it , I love my Pre now that it is at 800mhz, and see if you are comfortable with the process. Hope this helps some.
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    didnt have this problem with less than 10 docs/pdfs... will try to see with 10-12 docs/pdfs
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    i did post a thread about this in the pdf viewer...sadly no fixes as of yet

    any time i put my phone on hold and then went back to a pdf it would freeze and i would have to quit the app and many pdf's wouldnt open at all
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    Quote Originally Posted by dameweg View Post
    didnt have this problem with less than 10 docs/pdfs... will try to see with 10-12 docs/pdfs
    Same here - will have to check it out with more files on board. I tend to get rid of them using internalz after use as kind of a "cleanup" fanatic, keeping about 5 for "GTD" purposes.

    Will test tonight.
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    I have seen exactly the same thing on my Pre. Sprint Pre stock - no patches. Typically when the screen locks and I come back to the PDF Viewer its locked up. I have only just started using the PDF viewer regularly and don't know if it was a problem before the latest update.
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    When i press the lock button and try to turn on the screen, it won't turn on sometimes. Or if i leave it on, i can't touch anything. I have to close out of it then open it again. -_____- should be fixed.
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    I have a Sprint Pre and regularly use both Doc View (6 docs) and PDF View (6 or more docs) without problems.
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    OK, Verizon Palm Pre Plus here, so I have plenty of room, using WebOS While I have quite a few patches and apps loaded up, this device has never been over-clocked - nor have I installed any custom themes. (It has also never had to be "doctored" although I did have to do a partial reset prior to the last WebOS update). Other than the aGPS problems I sometimes feel guilty in these forums that I haven't had more problems with it - but I seem to be one of those "lucky" ones that has never had keyboard problems, cracking, slider looseness, etc.

    Connected via USB, copied about 50 pdfs over to a new "pdfdocs" directory (with sub-directories for organization later on), then about 80 or so word documents, including all of my old "docs to go" files into a new directory named "docs", (again with sub-directories). Some of them are quite large, (i.e. a couple of them are cookbooks).

    I have no problem with the "file menu" freezing on either app. I was able to get the pdf reader to freeze up a couple of times within an open file by being aggressive in my swiping to scroll then suddenly swiping in the opposite direction - but each time a quick left-swipe took me back to the menu where I could re-open the pdf and proceed without problems. Don't know if it has any significance, but those files contained quite a few embedded images.

    I simply could not make the doc viewer freeze up. It simply worked.

    Currently I plan to install/test the PDF Redux patch later tonight.
    This patch makes multiple changes to the PDF Viewer app to increase its usability:
    - Remove title bar.
    - Make footer buttons translucent.
    - Make page number transparent except when selected.
    - Add button to rotate view between portrait and landscape.
    - Add a 'back' button to jump to previous location in a document.
    - Keep track of rotation of and location in a document for 30 days and restore them when reloading the document.
    - Add option to load last document on startup.
    - Add option to use accelerometer for rotation.
    NOTE: This patch is NOT compatible with the Enable Landscape PDF Viewer patch.
    I *seriously* want to be able to switch PDF Viewer over to Landscape mode for easier reading.

    Edited: For follow-up - that worked too.
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    It's stock - no patches, although I want to get to that at some point. I am not a techie per se but I run Ubuntu on a dual boot with Windows 7 and am very into the idea of open source so looking forward to doing more with home brew in the future. But no, I haven't modified anything - only downloaded maybe a dozen free apps directly from the app catalog.
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    Got a Verizon and Sprint Pre here...

    tested on both of them

    had a couple of PDFs and docs loaded 14(last time i checked)
    some of them are large pdf files (user manuals)

    didnt have the same problems

    viewer was working just fine included and it doesnt freeze

    maybe im one of the lucky few?
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    I haven't seen the freezing, but I haven't used either doc or pdf viewer much. However, the few times I've used the doc viewer, I can't see tables in .doc files. I see part of them, but can't scroll to the right to see the rest of it.
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    WOW! Ditto here on my AT&T Pre Plus! I was trying to view both PDFs and .TXT files over a long time, letting the phone sleep, or turning it off manually. The PDF would latch the whole phone, the text documents only did it a few times, usually just locking up the doc viewer, making me terminate and re-run the app.

    Unfortunately, YES, I had Preware, and quite a few patches including PDF Redux (which didn't rotate the file!) and when I removed that one and rebooted, POOF, no more lockups!
    Here's what I have left in Patches
    3000 Autoreplace Words
    Advanced Configuration for App Launcher
    Big CallerID Yellow Size 30
    Enable Landscape YouTube
    Enable USB Passthrough
    GPS in Device Menu
    Hide Amazon MP3 App
    No Auto-Off While Charging
    Resume Play for Books (also doesn't work)
    Ringer Switch Icon (ditto)
    Show Wifi SSID
    Uber Calendar
    Unhide Dev Mode Icon
    Unthrottle download manager
    Video Downloads (doesn't work)
    Virtual Keyboard
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    Same here, I have a Sprint Pre and I've only tried PDF viewer and it sucks so bad.
    Freezing and sometimes it would take forever to show then lag so bad.
    Turned off the screen and the whole phone would freeze not letting me turn it back on.
    It seriously needs fixed.
    Hopefully my 2nd one won't have these problems.
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    After more testing (after removing PDF redux) I got more freezes and locks, from that and the doc viewer.

    Is there an app that actually works for this? I'll move them into my "hosed app" page and look for an app not written by whoever didn't finish writing or testing THOSE.
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    Ever since 1.4.5 I have not been able to zoom in on a PDF file. It loads fine but when I zoom in to read it, I get a message that says "PDF View has encountered an error. We apoligize for the inconvenience." Then it says "Error message: Render document failed." Underneath all this is a "Done" button. When I hit this, PDF closes. Anybody got any ideas?

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    Patches: 4x4Iconsv1, Add Date MM/DD,Default to Month View, Device Warning Temperatures, Enable Add/Delete Pages, Glass Effect, More Reminder Times, SMS to Two Seconds, Unhide Dev Mode, Unthrottle Download Manager
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    Since the 1.4.5 update I am too having problems opening PDF files both from email and old files on my that use to open up fine before the last update. The problem is either I get the error message when I try to open the file or it opens and when I try to go to the next page I get the error message and then the app closes

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