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    My Palm Pre is only about 3 months old... the sound on the ear speaker is fine, and when I plug in a set of ear buds the sound is fine... BUT the external speaker on the back of the Pre is now distorted and garbled. It used to sound great but sometime in the last 2 weeks it appears to have blown.

    I hate to send it back and be without my phone for a day or so for something as simple as this little externals speaker. Does anyone know where I can buy this same speaker and if there is an online guide with instruction on how I could swap the speaker out myself?

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    if it's only 3 mnths old take it back for an exchange, took my wifes back after 2 days of use to find it blown, Vz exchanged with a new unit in a matter of minutes.
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    Yup... I agree... just take it and get it swapped
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    yeah, i would find it hard to believe that someone would sell a replacement speaker. Also, it would void the warranty to replace it yourself because you'd have to remove that adorable little palm sticker on the one torx screw
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    can you get your carrier to advance ship a phone so you don't lose service? VZ always does that for me. I have a replacement arriving tomorrow while I am typing on this on my defective one.
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    FYI, you mean the internal speaker, not an external speaker (which would be a speaker you'd plug into the headphone port). Just in case anybody is confused by what the OP is asking....
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    I bought a replacement speaker from eBay for about 7$

    New OEM Speaker Buzzer Ringer For Palm Pre | eBay

    I think it is the same company as this:
    Palm Pre Loud Speaker

    I will say that all you really need to do for a blown Pre speaker is take the phone apart using this guideline:

    Palm Pre Teardown - iFixit

    If your speaker still works but is just garbled, you probably can get by with just using a thin piece of tape. If you do not want to spring for a new speaker, simply place a strip of invisible tape over the speaker (after you take it apart). This will correct about 50% of the problem with a blown speaker. Just by doing this, my speaker went from horrible and unusable to just poor.

    I still decided to buy a replacement speaker but many probably would not even bother after doing this. All you need is something to vibrate if the internal cone is damaged or blown. The tape appears to take up some of the function.
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    Glad I found this. Speaker sounds like crap on my Sprint Pre Plus, I have insuance but I don't think they'll replace my Plus ha ha. I've already voided the warranties anyway. So, replacing the speaker is my only option. I could pull the speaker from the Pre but I still use it sometimes to mess around with 2.x. Guess I'll need to order one, I'd like to know how yours turns out.
    Off topic, but is Sprint still on 1.4.5? I haven't been on the forums for a bit so I'm out of the loop, and I'm on my phone or I'd search.
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    Shoot, out of the country seller? Did you ever get yours? Was it a 'quality' speaker? I hate international shipping.
    Sprint Pre Plus 1.4.5
    Dev Verizon Pre 2.1.0
    Weather App in the works...

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