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    Hello. Brand new to web OS and am loving it so far. My Engadget app was working just fine on my AT&T pre plus and I installed a theme and mobile hotspot and when I went to launch engadget it says "failed to load the requested page, try again after sometime". Does the same under 3G and wifi. Is anyone else experiencing this? Is there a fix? I uninstalled and reinstalled but am getting the same thing. Thanks for the help.
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    my pre is stock and i'm not having issues.
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    Mines is working just fine. I have some patches installed but no mobile hotspot or any themes.
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    I wouldn't blame it on the pre, att or homebrew. I use the engadget app on a daily basis and it goes out from time to time. Sometimes it won't load past the black screen where engadget loads up, sometimes it will get stuck on the front page with the circles spinning forever, and sometimes it just won't load comments.
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    I have Sprint with the same issue. Haven't been able to get it to work since 1.4.

    update: scratch that... I don't know if I got lucky or what but I loaded up engadget just now and repeatedly tapped the black screen and was able to see the loading circles. I quickly switched categories and it loaded up fine. Sometimes I get the loading circle but it reverts to the error message so that's why I changed categories.
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    On my iPhone 3G it also sometimes happens, probably a feed issue.
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