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    Spoke with the representative again. They came back with an offer. I can buy an HTC Eris at the 1 year price and keep my 2 year contract. Or I can not take that offer. Those are my options according to them. Well, I'm getting my phone and money back and compensation of my time spent. I'm done with Palm on Verizon. This phone is now a paper weight to me... and from what I can tell, you can sell anyone anything and supply them with not that and get away with it.
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    Oh... and they are not going to fix this issue. They also claim I was never offered the Droid as a free swap, which is untrue. They also admitted they have not provided me with what my contract outlined, and they flat out don't care. They are more worried about me hurting them through the phone or something then helping me, which is why after I asked to speak with her supervisor or get their name, she abruptly hung up. Not even sure why they called me back in the first place..... "Ummmm we have a solution to your problem, you can just purchace a new phone and it might work as we advertise it to or not, but at least it will be suspensful until you find out for sure."
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    When I got my Pre from Verizon, my daughter took advantage of the Buy One Get One to get an Eris. Nice enough phone I guess, but I sure prefer the Pre.
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    dont hurt palm, hurt verizon. Go get a Pre on AT&T....

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