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    I work in a mig range sized business and I do computer work, running all over at multiple locations in the area our business is located and actually have seen no one here but myself that has a Pre.....I use mine all the time and today someone asked me what phone is that?? I responded its the Palm Pre. She said oohhhh I am looking at new phones at Verizon and was wondering about getting that one can I look at it and I let her hold it then showed her how it worked. She was most interested in the Facebook integration, notifications, the search and the way it multi-tasked. After showing it to her and telling her all about it she said i am going to get one.

    Just thought I would share what I experienced in my interaction with someone who is not a tech savy person but wants a cool phone.
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    Nice! Wonder if I will have that opportunity.
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    Too bad that when she walks into that Verizon store, she's going to be railroaded until she comes out with a Droid.
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    Too bad that when she walks into that Verizon store, she's going to be railroaded until she comes out with a Droid.

    I wonder if they get more for selling a Droid?
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    I work in an office of 18 people and so far I have convinced 4 others to get the Pre. All of them love it.

    In my experience, once someone gets a chance to actually see how the phone operates and all the features, it nearly sells itself!
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    now if only we can convince another few million
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    Way to go OP - I love it!

    @malpha - funny..but yet sad because it's too true!
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    I sold my sprint palm pre since I went to pre + yeyyy so I sold it to one of my buddies and he sooo happy to see a such small phone and able to see everything and to have everything in the PALM of your hand.
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    I've sold my wife and sister-in-law on the Pre, but no one else. Pretty much everyone in my office has an iPhone except for two people who have Droids. However one guy recently picked up the Pre but it wasn't because of my influence. Of course the first thing I did was show him my app. After that I told him about PreCentral (he already knew about it actually).

    The only other person I've met with a Pre was my allergist. He absolutely loves it. By the way my wife likes the Pre; however she's not too keen on the "Too many cards" error that occurs without any cards open. My sister-in-law gets the same errors, but other than that seems to like it.
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    two of my friends asked about pixi. One is considering switching from iPhone. But his contract won't end until later, so will wait and see. Another friend will get a pixi plus on ATT in July.
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    I've sold to my wife, sister-in-law and family friend so far. Once people actually get a chance to see what it does, it sells itself.

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