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    Just as the title says.. randomly about once a month my alarms reset to 8AM daily. This is getting annoying. Luckily I check it every night before going to bed as I use it as backup to my actual alarm clock.

    In addition to this some times when I pull up my alarms they are all gone. I have to add a new alarm and then my old ones show again.

    The alarm is very shotty.
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    I've noticed the same thing, though I have noticed if I restart the phone sometimes they just fix/return.

    I also find my Alarm Volume will periodically alter (worst is when it goes silent and the alarm doesn't sound) even when I've checked the night before that it was at its loudest.
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    I have also experienced this. Do you have your phone in developer mode? Have you installed any patches? I'm running WebOS Doctor and restoring the original phone to see if this keeps happening. Curious if it has to do with any of the patches being installed
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    Mine does the same thing.
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    People Please don't use the alarm app it's terrible. Try out Timepiece from the app catalog. It's been working everyday for me!
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    same problem with me, just happened for the sixth time last night. I configure 6 different alarms (yes, I have use for all six!) and last night they were all gone. At other times they reset to some ramdom time, possibly 8am like the o.p.
    I also had another issue, and that was the cities for one of my weather app (weatherbug) also disappeared, while the other weather apps I have did not have this problem. I am not aware of any other prior settings being disturbed.
    vzw pre plus. the gps patch installed (although i did not find that this patch improved my gps performance at all).

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