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    I have a new ATT Pre. I love it, but here is the rub. I have been trying to find software to "replace" my old Palm software. I have zillions of years of info on my Palm Desktop. How can I convert it to my Pre? Tried Chapura, it requires WiFi or Bluetooth (have an XP computer) AND I HAVE DIAL UP INTERNET SERVICE. So.. looked at Google Sync (not supported by Palm yet and is a Beta Software). What can I use, that doesn't take 5 hours to download onto my computer and will move my calendar, tasks, memos AND pics. Those are the only ones I care about. Documents to go, I believe will help so what can I do???
    Someone, please reply and let me know....i'm stuck!
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    Use the Data Transfer Assistant. Pics you'll have to move manually.

    Palm - Run the Data Transfer Assistant for Windows

    Of course if you have "Zillions of years of info" you may have to follow this (which I'm guessing won't transfer tasks and memos):

    I would try the Data Transfer Assistant route first.
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