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    I've been searching in the forums and don't know what keywords to search....

    So my problem is (this is my 3rd pre btw)....

    MY pre got water damage and sprint wouldn't cover it, so I filed claim with insurance. The new phone came in the mail and was walked through with sprint to activate my new pre yesterday. So my new pre is up and running fine. (some numbers haven't transfered I noticed) Anyways, throughout the day my old pre was still functional (ex. checking old texts, looking through pages, and able to see which numbers weren't transfered) and screen still working.

    I get home yesterday after work and then it says my (Old) pre has to update and restart. so I said yes and it restarted (the old pre) then I was prompted to sign into my palm profile, create new one or tell more..... The screen will not let me look at the info in my old phone and I need to get old texts out, delete things, and check the numbers that weren't transferred. How do I get in and unlock the screen to see info before I have to send it back to insurance?

    ps sorry for the long probably unnecessary details of the story.... Thanks for your help pre central
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    You may be out of luck with your texts if they weren't previously backed up. In general, you will need to sign-out from your Palm account on the new phone (only one phone is allowed at a time)

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    If your old phone does not have access to your data service, you may not be able to log in to get. Perhaps you can transfer files via USB, but I don't know the specific steps to do that, if it is even possible. Sorry.
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    yep, once you have signed out, you would have to sign out of the new phone, have Sprint activate the old one. Sign in. Power off while signed in. Then have Sprint activate the new phone, then sign in to use. At that point, the old phone should be able to use WiFi and act like an iPod Touch. I just replaced my Pre, and I've been using the old one as you are hoping to until I have to send it back...

    You won't be able to log in or create a profile on the old phone unless Sprint has it activated as a valid ESN on a valid phone #. Once you are logged in, don't accept updates or log out...

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