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    Bought my pre last night, and I double-checked wih the duffus that the touchstone charger was included. He said yes, it's in the box. Well the doofus had no idea what he was talking about, because it wasn't.

    Is there an official doc or press release from AT&T that i can bring back in to the store with me to make sure i get it?!
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    Here you go, it's on the right hand side that says you get one for free:

    PalmĀ® Pre (TM) Plus Cell Phone - Wireless from AT&T
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    It's an additional item... he should have it in the back room. What a *******.
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    It looks like the SKU for the included Touchstone is 4560229 and is only for new activations with a family plan.
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    Any Pre Plus purchase qualifies for the Touchstone. Most stores don't get many in at once, because it's only for a limited time. If they are out they will Direct Fulfill yours for free and you will probably receive it with 4 days or so.
    Call the store back or stop in and let the manager know what happened. I'm sure they'll take care of you. Btw, there are 2 SKUs for the touchstone in the stores. One is the free one and the other comes with full charger kit and is for sale.
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    touchstone is awsome. Get 2 and put one in your car. It works great. I hope they use it for the next phones.

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