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    Hi everyone,

    Just rec'd my new Pre Plus from AT&T today and it's awesome!

    However while giving the phone a pretty good test drive I noticed a little glowing strip of backlight bleeding out from the bottom. When I put the phone away for a bit it seemed gone.. but eventually returned again. Now, it typically happens when i've been playing with the phone for a bit, and only on certain screens where the background is darkish.. the App Catalog tends to show it pretty good (the 'rocks' background, however, and most other brighter screens are fine).

    I should say that it is not real bright or anything but it definitely bleeds a tad from the bottom after a bit of use and tends to get 'worse', a hair at a time, the longer i use it. Now if this is a relatively normal occurence then i guess i can get used to it but if its unusual i might think of trying to get a replacement..

    So, guys (and girls), I would like to know if this 'minor' backlight bleed is grounds for trying to get a replacement..
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    This has been the case since the Pre was released in June of '09. Most likely if you do an exchange that Pre will do the same. Gets worse when you use it because of the heat being generated.
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    Yeah I have a "cloud" on the bottom of mine that is different lighter than the rest of the colors. I figure I will replace it before my 30 days are up - :P
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    so are the majority of Pre owners pretty much just living with these discoloration areas? is there even a slight chance i might get a 'flawless' phone if i try and exchange? or would i potentially be trading discoloration stripes for some other nuisance?
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    i only started to get it when i was overclocking. before that i never had an issue with the "bleeding" effect.
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    Quote Originally Posted by brennan7 View Post
    i only started to get it when i was overclocking. before that i never had an issue with the "bleeding" effect.
    Interestingly, that's when I start to notice a little discoloration at the bottom right of my screen. It's a little annoying, and I'm wondering/afraid that I may get worse. I just spent a lot of money on this phone and I'm a bit upset by it. I had another Pre prior to this that didn't have the issue at all. I'll live with it as long as it doesn't get worse.

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