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    Hi WebOS community!

    I'm on a German qwertz gsm Pre in Australia on TPG (optus) network.

    Anyone notice the Pre connecting to data for no reason? I've checked my mobile account (I have 50mb free per month) and I see all these data connections and I'm not even browsing!

    Which program is responsible for this? I don't have anything installed besides what the Pre came with.

    Hopefully this is not a security issue.

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    I can only assume it would be stock apps using data such as your email syncing, your calendar syncing, your Palm profile backing itself up etc...

    You can turn off your data within your phone preferences since you have such a limited amount to use and rely on WiFi. Not being on a US carrier I'm not 100% on this but I hope this helps.
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    email, auto backup

    you can set all email account to manually check, and disable auto backup (be sure to do it frequent yourself)

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