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    Does anyone know if there is or will be an app where you can text international for free or at a discounted rate? Or are there any websites you can access through your Pre where you can text phones in the UK for free or cheap?
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    I'd love to know too (UK to other countries). I use UK VoIP Internet Phone Service - VoIP PBX Switchboard and Telephony services from my Mac but their page is all Flash.
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    When my girlfriend went to the UK and I was here, we just used facebook chat (simple patch) to pseudo text for free. The qualm is both parties need data. There's probably a way to do it with Google voice.
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    I use Google Voice to text to Mexico for free, it works both ways, I dont know if it can txt the UK, I don't know anybody there.
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    people can text me at

    I would assume that users in other countries can be reached the same way.
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    I was going to post the same exact thing today, but you beat me to it. gDial Pro used to be able to do that using google voice. Now, it doesn't work. So it would be nice if there was an app that can do this.
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    The Facebook Chat spoof in Preware works great. Used it in Mexico last week.
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    How do you get google voice? is it an app or?

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