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    Does anyone know how to find out what DNS servers I should set on the PS3 to tether to my Pre? I finally figured out that the IP address is, but I keep getting the DNS error.

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    i think i had read here a while back that it wasnt possible to tether a ps3, cant remember why. but that was a while ago, maybe things have changed and somebody will correct me lol
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    I hope your not trying to use it for gaming, latency can be a bit much at times.

    I used it once using the Wifi from my Pre without any issue. Thats when the wifi was free on mytether app though.

    You could also Tether it your laptop or PC then use (ICS) Internet Connection Sharing (google it) and run a Cat5 cable to a wireless router...
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    Are we talking tether or mobile hot spot?
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    I've done it and played online with no issues, here's how I did it.
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    I've done it last week and I was able to game BFBC2 for 4 hours without dropping my connection. It was freaking awesome! Make sure you setup the first DNS the same as you get from your laptop and the second DNS needs to be one that is suggested to be used with PS3 for online games.
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    I think the only question I have is if you use your Pre to game online with your PS3 or whatever, how will that affect data usage? I have unlimited data on Sprint and use the homebrew Mobile Hotspot app to tether my Pre to my I'm a little worried about too much data usage and Sprint coming after me with extra charges.
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    Quote Originally Posted by draztikrhymez View Post
    I've done it and played online with no issues, here's how I did it.
    thanks for the info, it had been a while since i had even bothered looking into mobile hot spot with a ps3 (about the time the verizon based app came out). i'll have to try this when i get a chance

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