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    Heads up, as I've mentioned in several other threads, I have a DropBox app in-development
    Awesome! Just got drop box. Looking forward to you app.
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    You can turn that 2gb free storage from dropbox into 10gb free storage with a little work on referrals and following the dropbox forums for the occasional easter egg.

    You get 250mb free for each referral (500mb if you're a student, registered account with a .edu email) as well as a few more mb of extra space by doing the getting started tab on your dropbox account and by going to and following the steps.

    It may take some work to gain the 10gb free space, but I prefer to use Dropbox over the other cloud/back-up storage options available.

    Edit: Just noticed this post is almost a year old... WHATEVER I DO WHAT I WANT.
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