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    I just got the Mobile Hot Spot & Freetethrd to work and after tethering for about 40mins while plugged into & charging via USB, I got my first temp warning (45degrees) . Is this expected?
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    Are you overclocked?
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    I've had it happen a few times. Be sure you turn off bluetooth and gps, and keep it well ventilated. It also seems to help if the slider is open - presumably because there is more surface area available to radiate heat...

    ...besides, your battery won't last more than an hour running hotspot anyway (j/k, I have no idea how long it would go, but I know it's the biggest battery drain on the phone...)
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    no I am no longer overclocked. I had the latest uber/govnah but could not find a setting that didn't drain my battery too fast. Is it advisable to plug in pre while tethering?
    thanks again.
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    charging while tethering will make it heat up faster. I hadn't thought of this before, but I wonder what would happen if I ran Govna at 250mhz while tethered... I doubt it would slow down the connection... hmmm...

    Ps, people generally find their battery life is the same or better when overclocked, so if it was draining your battery, head on over to one of the threads on battery saving tips... something else was probably running - like jstop on auto, govna card open, email check every 10 minutes, etc etc.

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