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    Two additions to this thread ....

    1) I didn't see it mentioned here, but you can set your alarms (the official "Clock" App) to be truly silent when the switch is Off.

    Clock --> Preferences --> "Ringer Switch Off" - Play Alarm Anyway set to "no" ...

    2) I use the "Ringer Switch Icon" patch to display an icon on my screen when the switch is set to Off. Helps me remember to turn it back on for calls when I want to hear them.

    ... Don't do games, so can't help you there. ;-)
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    Quote Originally Posted by alex.dobeck View Post
    I don't believe I've had any phone where the Silence/Ringer Mute did anything but Mute the ringer, Alarms went off, games continued to beep.
    On my treo's the switch always turned off all sounds so I was also surprised (and annoyed) by this 'feature' but I've learned to live with it. Just turn the sound level to zero, fortunately the ringer volume is a different setting so it will still ring when you turn the switch back on.
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    game sounds are controlled by the media volume, not the alert/ringer volume. If you need this, the really silent ringer patch can help.
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    Get an A2DP compatible bluetooth earpiece like the Icon. My music or other sounds go to the Icon, so when I turn the ringer off, I could be listening to Pandora and no one would know.
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    Quote Originally Posted by malpha View Post
    That's why the Really Silent Mute patch is a neccessity.
    Not if one employs common
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    It's a Palm.. you were obviously taking notes on the meeting.. right?..
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    Quote Originally Posted by Cantaffordit View Post
    Most games let you set them to silence within the game (do that BEFORE the meeting ) Also, did you try just turning the volume down on the volume button on the side of the phone? I was thinking that would also silence the game (too late, of course)...

    There are patches to REALLY silence the phone, but then you will miss alarms, calls, etc if you don't remember to turn the switch on and turn the volume back up. I've missed a few that way because I turned the ringer way down, forgetting that it also turns the alarm volume down (note to Palm, must fix that... even my T/X had that granularity)...

    Because I'm forgetful, I just can't bring myself to use the "REALLY COMPLETELY SILENT" patch... I would if the vibrate sound was loud like my Treo/Centro were...

    I will be curious to see what solution you land on.
    The really silent patch doesn't neccessarily need to miss alarms. I think you can set it in the clock settings, so that the alarm will ring when silent. So I wake up in the morning even if I do forget to turn the ringer switch back to loud.
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