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    I'm sorry if this has been asked here before:

    I'm unable to send txt messages to one contact.

    I've tried deleting the contact from all sources. And bringing them back. I've backed up and wiped my phone clean. I was even given a brand new pre from Sprint, but that didn't seem to solve it.

    I've spoken with Sprint, and they said this is a known issue with the Pre for some reason. Though my phone thinks it's sending the txt, Sprint doesn't register it being sent.

    Has anyone found a way to solve this problem?

    Right now I'm using a tedious workaround of emailing the contact's phone number (xxx)xxx-xxxx@verizon. It works, but it makes txt'ing back and forth annoying.
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    quick question...did you append *82 or something similar to their number? My phone setup somehow spits out Private Caller to everyone, and some of my friends dont answer Private so I solve that with *82 so my caller id shows up. Problem is, that code screws up my texting to them so it sends but never reaches them. If so, it might be the same problem.

    Im still waiting to see when this gets fixed by palm or the homebrew community (if it hasnt already).
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    Nope. Nothing appended. Just a regular phone number.

    In fact, it was the exact same number I had been txt'ing for months with no problems.

    I get his txt's fine.
    I can txt other people on his carrier (at&t).
    He can txt's from other people on Sprint.

    It makes no sense.

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