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    Simply put, call them and explain that Verizon is attempting to decieve the customers of this state. If they knowingly are doing this and stating stand alone GPS or selling it that way in their stores its a case of potential fraud.

    Or you could contact a lawyer and start a class action.
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    Quote Originally Posted by tsaunders View Post
    Android lacks true multi-tasking,
    A blatant, knowingly false statement.
    Quote Originally Posted by tsaunders View Post does multi-task but there is no good way to switch between open apps.
    followed by this untruthful correction. You really need to at least touch an Android phone before you spew this kind of uninformed drivel around.

    With all the skips and stutters my Pre+ experiences when playing music over A2DP and running any other app, it's getting pretty hard to rate it as a "true Multi-tasker" - especially since iPhone, Blackberry (Tour), WM (Smartphone edition), and Android (Droid & Devour) can all perform this relatively common task without the accompanying hiccups my Pre+ experiences.
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