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    i see all my friends with there iphones playing street fighter and cool first-person shooters and most of them are multipalyer! where is the pres games like that?
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    what kinda of games do you like?
    NOVA or Sandstorm are good FPSs.
    If you are SUPER NICE and like to help learning devs, click below =)

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    Super KO Boxing 2 is pretty addictive.

    I'd do a search for "Glu Mobile", "Gameloft", and "Electronic Arts" in the App Catalog if you are looking for some of the apps made by the larger game companies.
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    yeah and even the visual gameboy advanced emulator is cool alongside the growin 3d games
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    COOL GAMES for some would be games that bring you back to your childhood.
    Or should your post read"what games should I spend $6 on"?
    In which case,buy em all. The dev. And so on could use the $$$.
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    We have 3 online shooters(3G or wifi), sandstorm, nova and brothers in arm2. I pesonally like all three, but sandstorms server seems hard to connect to, novas controls are awkward and hard to get used to them, brothers in arms2 is kind of in between the two(decent sever, decent controls). It's nice to get to waste iphone users(makes my day), but they return the favor just as often.

    And if you don't know about the 'too many cards' error yet, for most all 3D games.....restart your phone and then launch your game. Dont freak out, it doesn't help.

    There are other games, but they all run muliplayer over wifi so I don't buy those ones and therefore I have no input on those.

    If you see my name in there be sure to send a bullet my way, enjoy!
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    I have NOVA and its great. The controls are akward but what do you expect from such a small screen...
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    And what happened to EA games?,
    have they gave up on WebOS.
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