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    Got a phone call yesterday from a blocked # so i answered to find out it was a palm rep with a few questions. Basically they asked about my pixi purchase how long i had it what was my previous phone and when was it purchased and why it was returned. I told him the vibrate was extremely weak and i was missing messages and emails so i returned it. He asked if i got the 1.40 update when i owned the pixi i said no it was still on the old software(not that it mattered i mean how would that boost vibrate? and yes i used preware vib-extension) I also informed him i owned a pre plus now and he asked if i had any problems with it. I mentioned i had power button issues and double typing/no key response. He said ok and entered everything and asked if it was ok to contact me in future for more info i said yes...sadly i forgot to mention an almost non-functioning gps, oh well maybe next time

    p.s. i traded for my pre the hardware problems i have were most likely from abuse since it for sure has signs of it...i didnt care though i just wanted a pre regardless and i only traded my moto droid for it also it has light hot spots but you dont always see them and i cant see why people return them for it since service providers practically give them away
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    I got that phone call about a month ago. I was asked about previous devices owned before Pre (htc touch wm6) I was also asked about the problems I had with my previous 3 Pres. At the end of the phone call I was asked if I was satisfied with the phone overall, and if I had any suggestions for future features that could be added to the phone through future updates.
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    Wish they would call me - lol

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