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    I seem to be having problems uploading things around 1M+ and not sure what the problem is.

    Originally, I was getting failures sending emails with multiple photos attached. It would take many many tries and then would eventually would go through. I chalked it up to my email server being flakey with IMAP sometimes. Single photo emails seem to work OK.

    Then I noticed it would take many many tries to upload a video to Facebook. I didn't think too much of it because I know FB can be hit or miss at times. I usually never have a problem uploading pictures.

    More recently, I'm seeing that any photos over 1M I try uploading with ZumoDrive takes many many attempts to get them to upload... smaller files are no problem. I assumed, eh, flakey beta software, it'll get fixed.

    Today it hit me... crap, I'm having problems uploading files!

    I still need to see if it's WiFi, 3G, WiFi other than mine at my house, etc that could be related. I'm going to do some testing with various connections now and see. Also, all this is/was happening on an "un-modded" Sprint Pre.

    Anyone seen anything similar?
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    OK, I uploaded a 20M video with ZumoDrive, and numerous pictures, over 3G... no problems... Uploaded the same 20M video to you tube at the local cafe, using their WiFi, no problems... Uploaded and also emailed a bunch of pictures using my neighbor's WiFi, no problems... starting to look like my home WiFi is the culprit.
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    I've had issues, but only with inconsistent signal. Wifi always works for me.
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    My issue is reversed. Over 3G it works, over WiFi it fails. :/

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