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    Palm Pre spotted on CSI NY tonight. Mac used it to take pics,videos & e-mailing them and made phone calls also. Cool
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    Yeah, I saw that too. I know it was just TV, but the way he was able to zoom in with his camera, made me jealous.
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    Did Mac Taylor really have a pre, if he did that's cool. Can't wait to see the episode now, and I'm buying the boxset of the series now.
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    I thought I noticed a Pre as well, good to see it's confirmed.
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    It was a Palm Pre season 6 episode 17 Mac receive a message text indicating that there is a murder
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    Palm pre used by Bennett in Heroes Season 4. My wife and I were doing some catch-up (we have the DVD series) and whallla! Pretty kool when my wife was the one to notice, to me it's just normal for people to have

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