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    2 days battery life????? Must be some light users. Pulled my phone off the charger 2 hours ago..... 84% right now
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    At noon today (12 hours ago), I took my Pre+ off the Touchstone. Since then I've sent/received maybe a dozen texts, checked Preware for updates (there were none that I needed) and took a couple short calls (5 minutes or so). So yeah, it was a "light usage" day. Anyway, I'm currently sitting at 86% charge. So with light usage, I'm averaging a bit over 1% battery usage per hour. So if I were to continue on this same trend, my battery would last until sometime late Saturday / early Sunday, either of which is more than 2 days.

    And before you ask... yes, I do have the stock battery.
    That's crazy good battery life. Where you on WIFI all this time? Did your phone poll for email or a cloud sync during this period?
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    sinks suck
    i work at a pizza joint so it's kinda hard to cut back. I should though, I eat it everyday.
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    buy some centro batteries off ebay, 2 for $11-$12 with free shipping. Just type palm pre battery, and click on free shipping. I bought 5 for 25. Got them yesterday but my 2 battery chargers haven't arrived yet. I'm charging them all using my phone, and it's a pain in my you know what.
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