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    so last night wat the first day i got my i let it charge my phone over night but when it got to bout 80% it started connecting and unconnecting the charging so it kept beeping (around midnight btw it started beeping in my ear and woak me up >.<) whats up with that? why did it keep losing the charge connection?
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    I "hover" my pre over the touchstone and let the magnets pull together. If the Pre is off just the slightest bit, it will cycle. charging -> disconnect -> charging -> etc.

    Also I use the actually battery percent instead of the GUI percentage mapping [Patch] it usually only gets up to 98 or 99, are you using that?

    Sprint Pre- Meta-Doctor 2.1.0 w/Flash

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    Are you 100% sure the Pre was centered on the TS?
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    find a happy spot... i kind of let it slide down untill it "snaps/locks" to where it wants it to. give it a shot.. and practice a few times.. you'll find the sweet spot.

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