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    Just downloaded the Battery Monitor patch and was just wondering what others are getting for average drain per hour on their phone. I currently have my phone overclocked to 800 and scale it to 250 while the screen's off. I get an average of about 4.65 drain per hour while it's not in use. Good? Bad?
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    its not bad. do you have IM or email checking running?
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    that's pretty good. Depending on what you are doing, your battery drain could be double what you are seeing.

    search for the threads about battery saving tips...
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    That's not a bad average... How long have you had your phone? If it is fairly new, your battery usage will be a bit high until the device levels itself out. It will also depend upon your cell signal. The stronger your signal, the lower your battery usage because it isn't trying to find and fix on a signal. My average usage will be between 2.5 and 4.9% when idle in a strong signal area.
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    with email set to manual, gps, bluetooth, and wifi off, data off and roam only enabled, screen brightness at 30% and set to turn off after 30 seconds, I get about 2.9%/hr with occasional texting. (left at work). At home, with wifi enabled, I can go 24 hours without charging.
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    I just got my phone in April, but just had the battery replaced about two weeks ago. And I have my gmail set to push with everything else turned off. Screen is also set to 50%
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    I get around 2-4% when idle. And when using the phone as I usually do I get a high 35-40%. That is using 3G and browsing the internet, texting, and mabybe Facebook in the background. Forget about playing NOVA I never play it anymore because I have to be charging or my battery will die so quickly...

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