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    Hey all,

    I'm having a strange issue with downloading apps on my pre. Whenever I press the download button in the app store, it seems to get stuck in a perpetual download state, and does not actually progress in the download. (as in, it perpetually says "downloading..." and if paused will not resume).

    Even with full service, or if I am using wifi, it still will not download. Up until last week, I could download everything fine though.

    Any ideas on what could be causing this?

    Thanks for the help
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    Is this what you are having? If so directions to fix it are in the linked thread
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    yep, that was the exact problem I was having! Thanks a lot man
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    anyone know of a way to make browser download files ota like mp3s? I miss that about my Droid & Droid Incredible, i could download anything OTA, movies, music and any file of any sort.
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    it should allow that. Check for a home brew patch that helps. I have downloaded many pdfs.

    I use the itunes search to get mp3 clips, but they have to be moved to the ringtone folder before they can be chosen as ringtones.

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