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    Looks like the Pixi Plus and Pre Plus are coming to O2 on the 28th May. Good News!!!

    Check out the Palm UK website
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    It's too bad Palm can't seem to get these devices on more carriers in Europe. They have deals with Vodafone in several countries. But most of these countries already had the Palm devices because of the earlier Movistar/o2 deal.

    These are the countries Vodafone works in. If they work with, for example, Vodafone Germany, why don't they cover the Netherlands, with over a million smartphone sales a year.

    Let's hope the next Palm device will get better distribution.

    HP, help the related department out, will you..
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    What does orange mean in that map?

    Norwegian Telenor bought swedish Europolitan from Vodafone quite a while ago so i find the orange color a bit strange.
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    could you give a map key with tha, what colour means what?
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    The data might be a bit old.

    Got it here:

    The History of Vodafone

    Map of Vodafone activities in Europe where red areas represent countries where Vodafone is active as a corporate entity, orange areas represent Vodafone partners and Blue areas represnet Vodafone's partners.
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    OMG Finally!!!

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