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    I try to figure out the reason of the strange behavior of my pre and hope that the users of this forum could help me.
    But first let me explain. After using my phone for about 15-20 min. (e.g. browsing apps with preware) it suddenly slows down and becomes totally unresponsive. This state lasts about 10 sec. and during that time it seems that the autostart apps and services are being restarted. After that I can use my pre as usual. Now what I want is to determine which application or service causes this strange behavior because Iím really annoyed about it.
    Is there anybody else who has the same problem and could give me an advice?

    p.s. I use the uber-kernel @ 800MHz but I donít think that it causes the partial restart.

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    were you installing preware apps during that 10 minutes?
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    no, i was just browsing them.
    is there a linux command for logging the processes activity that can be used for my purpose?

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