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    Do I wait for the battery to just die out? I feel pretty stupid. I can't even figure out how to open up to get to the battery to take it out and put it back in. Advice?
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    Press the little button at the bottom of the pre and pry the back cover off. I know it feels like you might break it but trust me itll be ok. Once you get the back off, pull on the little tab to get the battery out. Put it back on and hold the power button to power it on and viola!

    Here is a link showing how to get the back cover off if you need clarification. Scroll to 1:15 to see the part where it shows how to take it off:
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    on the bottom of the phone is a thin oval, about 1mmx5mm. Push this tab with your thumbnail, then with the other, pry the back off. It takes a little courage the first time. The battery is underneath, ready to pop out and replace.
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    Actually, I just read in another post that another way to reboot is to press Orange-Sym-R at the same time. It worked! Rebooting now! Thanks though!
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    another way without removing the battery is to hold the power button and move the ringer switch back and forth 3 times it will shut the phone off and reboot it.
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    Great thread! I learned two new ways to reboot.

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