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    I have a new refurb and it has some problems. I have installed UberScaler and a lot of other stuff. I want to take it into the Service center and I think the problem I have they might have to replace it (funny clear protrusion on left side of keyboard that is sharp and there is Oreo twist. I am hoping if they replace the refurb I get a new phone. Should I take off the overclocking and what other stuff before I go so they don't give me a hard time? Should I just take off everything (patches, etc.), expect to reinstall on new Pre?
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    your best bet will be to take any homebrew off... Some reps care, some don't.
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    Your best bet is to EPR your phone. I have gone though 7 (yes, 7!) Pres. One of the reps in the store has been a Pre user and is familiar with homebrew (he's the one who told me about it actually!) and he has told me that phones need to be EPR'ed before a swap. Since you have to re-do your phone anyways he suggested doctoring your phone.
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