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    I just got a new Pre, and I'm trying to stream video to it. I have an old analog tuner, and i'm trying stream video live using VLC. I've tried a few settings, but can't get the phone to open the stream over local wifi (i'll try over internet later, shouldn't be too hard once the other stuff works)...does anyone know the correct settings?
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    not quite the answer you want to hear, but I've heard people having success using Orb. if you can't figure out the VLC settings, you might want to get that a try.

    On a related note, I have an IP webcam that streams with rtsp, and I just typed in rtsp://IP.OF.MY.CAM/ into the web browser, and it worked just fine.
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    what are you using to serve the streams? Keep in mind that the pre doesn't do windows media or flash. Needs to be mp3, h.264, etc.
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    I'm trying it with files first (it's a big mpeg2), i dont have the tuner set up right now...I was trying to use "transcode" in VLC to a h.264 and aac in a mp4 wrapper. Instead of that, i'm going to reencode the mpeg2 to an actual mp4 file, make sure it plays if i actually copy it to the device, and then try streaming it. hopefully that will work at least, then i know it's VLC's transcode that doesn't work.

    On a related note, what's the best way to stream audio? does RTSP support aac only (no video)?

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