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    I found some funny videos on youtube done in "I'm a Mac" style. They aren't serious videos so it's not an actual spec comparison type video. Here's the link for the playlist. There are 5 videos total (but they're all short). They're all pretty funny, I think.

    YouTube - kodabar's Channel
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    obviously done before the product shipped. The first 4 actually make the Pre look bad. The last one is only funny in that it finally talks about an actual advantage. Too bad these can't be remade to modern facts. Like when it talks about the zillions of apps for PalmOS, they can all run on the Pre using Classic.

    Oh well.
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    Funny is in the eye of the beholder. I didn't find any funny here.
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    Wow, that was a waste of time....
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    Those were hilarious. It seemed to me though that they were all planned to lead up to the last one where the Pre totally kicks the iphone's ****.
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    The first 48 seconds of the last one is the only part worth watching.
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    I thought they were all pretty funny in their own way. The little Scottish Pre talking to the iPhone. I realize they don't all play up the advantages of WebOS but I think it's just lighthearted humor. Then at the end of course, the iPhone gets its *** kicked.

    It's got a 5!
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    For the newbies... If you haven't seen the videos made by PreCentral member 'releasemypre'... these actually are hilarious. Made before the Pre was released, these guys made a series of funny vids trying to force Palm into giving a release date for the Pre.

    Definitely worth a watch

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