View Poll Results: What kind of case? Or one at all?

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  • No Case

    28 31.46%
  • No Case w/ invisheild

    20 22.47%
  • Hard Case

    12 13.48%
  • Rubber/Soft Case

    4 4.49%
  • Pocket Pouch

    10 11.24%
  • Leather Case

    15 16.85%
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    Okay, so here's the story. I had a Skinomi Tech Skin, I dropped the phone and the oreo affect took over. I should have been more careful, but now I have a Skinomi tech skin and a GRT case.
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    Quote Originally Posted by FishenFool View Post
    You should have a Clip Choice on your Poll.
    Wasnt really thinking about it , oh well.
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    Isn't it spectacles that you put in a case ?
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    I have the Otterbox Tandam with the screen protector the Otterbox came with. I did purchase the Skinomi shield that I will eventually put on when the shield the Otterbox came with wears out.

    Love the Otterbox, my Pre is good and protected from scratches and what not. I don't use the Touchstone so this is a good choice for me. I just wish the Otterbox cases could come in different colors other than black.
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    I use a leather, wallet like case made for Pre. It holds my Pre, my credit and ID cards and has a swivel clip if I want to clip it vert,. or horiz. to my jeans.

    Works for me
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    Didn't vote, but have the toughskinz front only on right now and using the Palm leather side case with it. It was $10 on clearance @ bestbuy. Ordered a vaja top case, so waiting on that.

    I don't wear a belt, so the side leather case is sometimes troublesome when trying to get the Pre out.
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    I do a combination. I have a screen protector and use the cloth bag that came with my Pre.
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    Touchstone back with Zaggs Invisibleshield on front, almost a year now and Pre still looks brand new.
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