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    I will be exchanging my pre out in about an hour. My phone is currently suck offline, in the blue cloud screen with a "unresolveable error" message. they couldn't get it out.

    I am trying to get my pics and vids from it now. I can get it in usb mode (take out battery, plug in, hold up vol key, insert battery) but my computer is not recognizing it. Am I SOL or is there anything else i can do??

    Any help is appreciated.
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    Did you try restarting your computer? I've had issues with my phone not being recognized and that helped...
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    yeah...restarting the computer always worked for me when this would happen. then i realized i was unplugging my pre from the computer wrong and once i started doing it right (my computer --> right click on palm pre --> eject) i stopped having that problem

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