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    It's the wierdest thing. You plug it in, you can use the phone. You unplug it, the touchscreen completely and totally dies. I chatted with Palm support (so much better than RIM's!) and they confirmed it's hardware, so off I go for a replacement. I should have suspected something - this is my second unit only because the store I bought from accidentally sold me one that had been returned for oreo and it hadn't been labelled. The one I got had what looks like a scrape on the underside of the screen, down the length of the right side, like the slider scraped the coating off. I didn't think it was a scratch though because it curved in towards the gesture area, and light shone through it. I don't know if that had something to do with it but I suspect it does...

    Has anyone else had that "scrape" and could it be the screen pieces separating? Palm support confirmed it's a hardware failure so I suppose it could be, right?
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    Not had the scrape, but had a touchscreen failure. The first indication was the touchscreen acted crazy when on the charger. Then it straight up didn't work, on or off the charger. Everything else worked fine. It was as if the touchscreen got disconnected from the ribbon cable. The replacement refurb looks fine...clean scratches...I don't worry about "oreo."

    P.S. My first Pre, a release day phone, lasted a year, before the speaker/jack started acting up. It would think there was something in the jack and cut the sound. It also got stuck open a couple times. The replaced it with a refurb which has been perfect.
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    I don't know, it just doesn't look like a scrape to me. It's a ***** to try to show them though because you can only really see it on load up (because the screen is brighter) and in the dark.

    All I know is that I have no cell right now, and that's not cool.
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    Okay, so they are Fed Exing one down for me, hopefully to be here tomorrow. In the meantime, in order to be able to use the phone even a little? I used a key to press in on the USB port. It appears that may be the culprit, because putting pressure on the port (which is wiggling somewhat) makes the screen work again.
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    I had the exact same problem with my pre. I just got it back from BestBuy after waiting 3 months for the repair! My serial number is the same, so hopefully it doesn't happen again.
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    I had a pre that had the same touchscreen behavior - working when plugged in but otherwise nonfunctional. I didn't notice this scrape thing, tho I suspect that if the light bleeds only on load up then this isn't a defect, it's just how the phone was manufactured. There are other threads floating around addressing the light bleed.

    Good luck with your next unit.
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    Nope it's definitely a scrape, the dude at the Source that ordered me my replacement said what I said -it looks like the two pieces of the screen have separated. When you have backlight on 100% you can see it clear as day.

    Hopefully 3rd time is the charm - strangely I am not as frustrated as I was with BB and multiple replacements because I love the phone and OS so damn much I am more than happy to give it another try.

    They were going to send it for repair as well, until I pointed out I've had the phone since the 10th. It's well within the 14 day period, and as soon as he remembered that he had no problem getting me a new unit ordered.

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