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    hi guys
    is there a patch that would put a youtube search from universal search.
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    +1 on the request.
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    Same here, expect I want to do it for IMDB.
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    Brings up an interesting idea, how to extend the universal search.

    You could just type what you want and then hit the google search?
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    just search for the Keytoss patch and install it. Then you can search from multiple sources by appending a code to the search... So for example:

    @yt searchtermhere = youtube
    @i searchtermhere = imdb

    etc.. There are a ton of codes built in, and if there's one that's not in there the developer will add if you ask.
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    +1 for this patch
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    Quote Originally Posted by HebrewHammer View Post
    Same here, expect I want to do it for IMDB.
    theres a patch for IMDB, dictionary, thesaurus...

    ---def need to add youtube---
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    so where do we request it. We have bing and yahoo already

    we need youtube
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    search seems to be a lost art these days... here's the link describing how keytoss works, and all the available search options:

    to install this patch, just search for "keytoss" in preware. and if you don't know how to get preware working, then read this:

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