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    So I decided to finally get a touch stone after having my Pre Plus for over a month and a half. I bought it at "The Shack" and it is apparently on clearance. Set the phone on the touch stone around 10pm and worked on my paper for about two hours. Picked it up to set my alarm and it had charged about 96%. I was amazed cause with the cord it is usually at about 70-78%. I opened the app and set it back on touchstone. Woke up at 5:35, picked the Pre off the touchstone at about 6:25-35am. On my way to school, remembered that i hadn't grabbed my charger, I was worried because i had a show to run and I wouldn't be home till 10pm at the earliest. I had data off when i wasn't using it and I have the 720-125 kernel screen state. I used it moderately until about 3pm I still had 60%. I was amazed I usually have 30-20%. Rehearsal started and I took about 40 pictures and played some 3D games during intermission to show it off to a few people. I didn't pay attention to the battery till i got the 20% notification at 8:00-30pm. I made a few phone calls and looked for a restaurant for the cast party. took a few more pictures. It is now 10:27and i still have 14%.
    This has never happened before and I am guessing it is due to the touchstone seeing as it's the only time I used it. Has anyone who uses the touchstone have this experience?
    Here are my settings.
    1.Screen at 11% Keyboard at 31%
    2. Data off when not in use
    3. 720-125 kernel screen state
    4. Checked feed reader and engadget about every two hours.
    5. Background Data Collection is off
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    my battery also lasts longer using the touchstone to charge it
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    Yea... I always notice that after I let the Pre charge 20 min -1/2 hr after it says 100% on the 'stone, it takes alot longer for it to actually go below the 100% mark during usage...
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    I think the touchstone makes a big difference. And like my car the first half of the guage lasts much longer for me than the second half.
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    i agree i was thinking about that last night i picked mine up from the shack too cant bet that deal. hopefully it will work with all future models
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