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    Hello dear Precentral users whom I greatly appreciate! I am in great need of your assistance and/or knowledgeable knowledge regaurding Super PreKernel. Will you choose to accept your mission?.....

    In all seriousness, I do need help - I was uninstalling the 800MHz patch in Super PreKernel and everthing seemed fine. My Pre finished uninstalling and began it's reboot, and this is when I noiced that it wasn't finishing the reboot. It was stuck on the screen with the circle the the things spinning around it (very descriptive, I know) and it was on that screen for about thirty minutes before I pulled it off the touchstone to look at it to see why it wasn't working, and the swirling things stopped moving and now I am typing this and it still appears frozen.

    What do I do?
    Should I pull the battery or wold that freeze up my Pre forever?
    Should I doctor immediately?
    Any other suggestions?

    I know I assume all the risks of using unsupported software such as Super PreKernel but that's what this forum is for, am I right?

    Thanks guys!
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    I would pull the battery and then power back on once the palm logo comes back on let it sit for awhile until you see the log start glowing sometimes it took a long time for it to boot back up. I experimented with SuperKernel and I had that problem as well.
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    Ok thank you for Your help. I will try that now.
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    Ah relief!!!! my baby works again! Thanks for your input,again.
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    Glad your baby works again... Grave danger though? You might be on the verge of needing therapy

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