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    There are a lot of well known, thoroughly discussed issues with the pre. I have come to accept a lot of them. To prevent the screen from appearing to die whenever it's closed and being unresponsive, I have a piece of paper near my battery to keep it in place. Works like magic. I can also live with the fact that the hardware is a bit unstable in that if I, for instance, toss my phone to my buddy to look at, I feel like there's a good chance the battery will come loose and the phone will restart. I'd say I'm being pretty patient with this phone, and to be honest I love how it works, when it doesn't sketch.

    Case and point - I am very careful with my pre and to prevent the Luna restarts I have found that restarting the entire phone (takes 3 mins) prevents this from ever happening (hasn't happened for about 3 weeks now). I also baby this thing, which is a bit annoying but something I still consider acceptable. HOWEVER, all this said, and taking into consideration that when I place it down on something like the kitchen table, I do so slowly and carefully, so as not to disturb the tender innards of this beautiful creature.

    WHY the *#@^#&&& # does this stupid thing STILL turn off? Randomly. Seems to happen like 2-3 times a week - the phone will just be OFF. For no apparent reason. Does this happen to anyone else? I find it so frustrating. Sure I have preware, a few patches (no overclocking kernels on atm) but I did notice it happened the day I actually got my pre, and assumed it would sort itself out. I mean, 2-3 times per week isn't a lot or anything, it's just really annoying. My buddy's iPhone has never randomly shut down. Neither has another friend of mine's Motorola Milestone (droid)...
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    Go to your carrier and inform them you need a better battery. If you have a regular Pre, then that is likely your problem. If not, then tell them your problem and request a replacement. It should be easy going.

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