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    I'm in the process of doing a full erase. So far it's been one hour.

    Soooooooo .... any idea how long this is gonna take?

    And... what happens at the end of the full erase? Does it reset itself?
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    1 hour?...Thats awfully long.
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    im sure it all depends on how much stuff you have on ur pre
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    there is no way it should take that long at all lol
    you can only put so much on a phone with very little
    memory space
    Here is a direct link to webOS Doc for all carriers
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    This is a 16GB full erase. You sure it wouldn't take more than one hour?
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    It should only take about 15 mins, and your phone should reboot just like your logging on for the first time. Then you have to sign back into your palm profile
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    OK, well it's obviously not happening. Bummer. Can't do a full erase.

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