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    I have webOS quick install and it works fine. However, when I go to webos intervals (all) to put preware on my phone there isnt preware there as a selection to install.

    Need some help, thanks!
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    if you have a pre, chose webos internals (pre), if pixi choose webos internals (pixi) and preware will be in the appropriate one
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    Do you have the most recent versions of QI (3.12, I think) and webOS ( if on anything but AT&T; if on AT&T you should have 1.4.2, and I'm not sure if either QI or Preware are set up for it yet, or not)?

    If you do have the most recent versions, try going to the feed for your device (Pre or Pixi) instead and see if it is there. If it is not there, either, go to Main Page - WebOS Internals (sorry just noticed you can't see links, yet - w w w. webos-internals. o r g) and search for the instructions for loading Preware without using QI. Good luck.
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