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    Does anyone know any way of exporting Memos (notes)? If i go to a different phone, I know that I can export all my contacts/emails using google, but what about memos?
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    You Could Email the Memo to yourself or download Scratch Word Processor I think that syncs with google docs but I haven't download it because I use ClassicNotes and that exports as a file.
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    You could use Palm's Data Transfer Assistant (DTA). It successfully moved over all of my 1300 memos from my old Palm days. BUT - that truly was a clusterF~@k. My Memos app craaaawwwled after that, not sorting by category of course, slow to open anything if at all - sometimes I click on a memo and all I get is a white screen. This app was pretty useless to begin with as duly noted in the forum, but now it is even worse.
    Edit: I now realize you were talking about exporting memos FROM the Pre, not to it....

    Now I need to figure out how to delete all these memos and get them over to ClassicNote. This app has an export feature and supposedly import.
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    I too would need to move my Outlook Notes ... now also in Google docs ... to my Pre ... and Sync

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