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    My on / off button doesn't wake my Pre up any more. Its been getting progressively worse were the button needs to be pushed several times to turn the screen on. Now, doesn't work at all. Have to call the phone to wake it up. Any suggestions to repair the issue?

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    There should be plenty of p. button fix threads, just search it.
    The fix will take just 5 minutes, i promise.
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    I had it the same issue. Took it to the sprint store and they gave me hell, so I popped the power button off with a bendout office pin and then simply just lifted the metal piece inside the power on and off compartment and it worked fine again. Please do not listen to all the 'foam' and 'folded' paper post. Just try what I told you and see what happens.
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    I've been having the same issue too
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    I did the clean version. Worked for awhile, then the same problem. Then I did the folded paper fix, and ever since it has worked like a charm.
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    you know you can turn it on by sliding it open, you don't need to call it. I suggest going to a store to get the button repaired, they can usually do that for you in like 15mins.
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    I had the same problem, I called the Sprint store, and they said its a known issue. They did not have the part in stock, but said as soon as a phone comes in for replacement, they would call. It took about a week, but I went back, and it was fixed in about 20 minutes.

    Make sure you call or go to an actual Spring Corporate store, that has a repair facility.

    I tried the self fix first, was never able to get it, too small to work with, afraid Id lose or break the little teeny piece.
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    Here is a fix that has worked on a friend's Pre:
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    does it wake up when you open the slider?
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    Quote Originally Posted by Cantaffordit View Post
    does it wake up when you open the slider?
    yup, everytime... for me at least

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